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Hi, I’m Ramy A. E. Fiadjoe, CEO of Royale Ramy Foods. I’ve always had a flair for cooking, experimenting and as people say, the will power to hold things together. I established this business after studying my neighborhood and realizing that people had to drive out into town just to get some tasty pork. Its been a bumpy journey.I’ve had many crushes but still held on to my belief that the business will be great and internationally recognized one day. Allow me to tell you about Royale Ramy Foods ...


Established in November 2007, Royale Ramy Foods, then known as “Ramy's Hot and Tasty Pork” started from a Table Top and has grown today to become a well-liked brand in the Food industry. We are a client-oriented company which has evolved over the years to meet the needs of our valued clients; we listen and produce accordingly. We try to put every bit of our produce to good use and this translates into our pet food, bio-gas and manure production. NOTHING GOES TO WASTE!

In 2011, we decided to produce what we sell and therefore went into agriculture producing purely organic crops and livestock. In 2014, we moved yet another step into the production of “Ready to cook” meat. We studied the modern trend and created a "tasty and convenient way to cook". In 2015, we grew into an even more interesting brand -- producing, processing and making recipes come alive. We researched on and added natural remedies and work-out tips to our list of exciting concepts.

In 2019, we have introduced our "Jerky Bites", which is dried, smoked meat chips which can be enjoyed anywhere and at all times without the need to freeze. We have also began palm oil production with organic palm nuts grown on our farm and have more great things coming your way.


Give us a call on : Tel: 0244292395
Email: info@royaleramyfoods.com